Loire Area

The Loire area has long been known as the playground of royalty. The French nobility would keep their country estates in this region, so there are many wonderful castles and gardens to visit in the area.


is the nearest village to Baulay. It has an excellent bakery, butcher, post office and our local bistrot, Le Balzac, where you can also get newspapers and cigarettes.
Alexander Calder lived in Saché for 20 years and his home and atelier are now used as a guest residence by artists of all nationalities, each artist for a period of 6 months. A Calder mobile occupies a central position in the village square, place Alexander Calder. In some people’s opinion the mobile clashes too much with the mediaeval church of Saché, but why not come and see for yourselves?
Honoré de Balzac stayed at the Chateau of Saché (now a Balzac Museum) for longer periods, every time he was broke, according to gossip! He wrote several of his masterpieces while staying there and the Museum has recently become a Center for research on Balzac and his work.
Auberge du XII siècle : The tour of Saché is not complete without treating yourselves to a lunch or dinner at this fabulous one-star Michelin guide restaurant. A real value for money.